VFD Control Panels

These are designed to control the speed of electric motor and feed pump. They are widely used in drilling, pumping and other large machine applications. The VFD panels are widely used in tube mills, paper mills, extruder plants, rolling Mills, cable industry and CTL Lines. They are even installed in hospitals, business houses and other public places. VFD control panel are designed to match variable speed requirements of a process unit and so are vigorously tested on various speed parameters.
The Variable Frequency drive panel( VFD Panel) also known as Digital VFD Drives and these panels are used for VFD squirrel cage induction,in motor control application.Our VFD Panels available in various dimensions and standard sizes as per the client specification.These VFD Panels are tested on various parameters before being supplied to the client.We use VFD as per customers preference.
For starting surge control application even soft starter are used and we also provide soft starters panel where the soft starters of various makers offered.