PLC Panels

We offer high performance programmable logic controllers that are widely used to automate an assortment of industrial processes. These programmable logic controllers are easy to operate and possess salient features such as digital and analog inputs, relay output, timers, counters, time switches, and auxiliary relays. We provide operational training and on site support for our PLCs. We also offers plc logic controllers, plc programmable logic controllers, programmable logic control, programmable logic controls and industrial programmable logic controllers.

Technical Specification We present highly sophisticated Programmable Logic Controller to our clients. Special features of the compact and modular type product includes following:

Designed to bear up harsh industrial environments of Indian industries

  • Processor based PLC
  • Enhanced Boolean instruction for Ladder
  • Comprehensive self diagnostics for CPU & I/O's
  • Serial communication for intelligent interfaces
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to read I/O status



  • Powerful yet simple to operate
  • Economical & cost effective
  • Integral diagnostics
  • Different type of communication
  • Suitability for distributed structure
  • Economical & cost effective
  • Versatile I/O devices both compact & modular in design