DC Drive Panels

We offer highly functional DC drives, dc motor drives, variable speed dc drives which are used to control motor speed i.e dc motor drives. In addition to the ability to expand the standard functionality, the standard version can be expanded to handle higher-level software applications with built-in extended technology software. These drives are extremely flexible and cost effective in any application. Available in different specifications, we offer customized solution to our clients like variable dc drives. We also offers variable speed drives, variable speed motor drives, industrial dc drives, servo drives, industrial dc drive, electric dc drives and dc motor control.

Features :

  • These can be fully integrated into current automation environment
  • These can be expanded in modular fashion from standard application to high-performance solutions
  • Extension provided through parallel connection up to 18000 A
  • Rated supply voltages from 400 V to 950 V
  • Short as well as fast commissioning as all settings are fully electronically parameterized
  • Unified operator control philosophy

Typical Applications:

  • As main drives for printing machines
    In rubber and plastics industry
  • As traction and hoisting drives in crane industry
  • As lift and cableway drives
  • Finding application in paper industry
  • As shears drives in steel industry
  • As rolling mill drives
  • As winder drives
  • As dynamometers for motors, turbines and gearbox test stands

Why to Use Our Panels? :
1. Our panels are made of good quality materials in accordance with industrial quality standards and latest technology. 
2. The panel casing is of strong weather-proof galvanized stainless steel and is durable, efficient and highly functional.
3. These ensure durability, high performance, trouble free operation, less maintenance and low power consumption. 
4. We adhere strictly to stringent quality checks required by various industries like telecom, electrical and electronics industries.