Consultancy Services

Design And Detail Engineering Of Protective Relaying Schemes

  • Restricted Earth Fault (REF) protection scheme for Transformers.
  • Transformer and Generator Differential Protection schemes.
  • Busbar Differential Protection.
  • Protective Relaying Scheme for Generator as well as for parallel operation of Generator with Grid or parallel operation of Generators.
  • Load Shedding Schemes for prevention of the collapse of in-plant generation under overload condition.

Consultancy & Engineering

  • Basic design and detail engineering for Electrical Power Distribution System.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for capital intensive items.
  • Relay Training
  • Invitation of bids and techno-commercial analysis.
  • Preparation of lay-out drawings, inter-connection drawings, single line diagram, earthing and lighting layouts, cable schedule and lay-out, control and protection schematics.
  • Stage and final inspection of electrical equipment for meeting guaranteed technical performance.

Protection System Study

  • Study of existing protection system of plant with suggestions and renovations for plant betterment for optimum selection of protective relays.
  • Execution on turnkey basis for renovation and revamping switchgears, protective relays and Protective schemes based on comments of the Protection System Study Report.

Fault  Level Calculations And Short Circuit Studies

  • For verification of authenticity of existing switchgear ratings as per the system operating        conditions of the plant.
  • Fault level calculations can form a guideline for feasibility of existing switchgear for further expansion programmes.